District 6

Ryan Pudenz

Vice President - Operations

Ryan is the general manager of Prestage Farms of Iowa. In that position, he oversees finisher production in Iowa of 1.5 million hogs annually.

In addition to being the District 6 Director on the IPPA Board, Ryan also serves as the Vice President of Operations. In that role, he is responsible for the minutes of IPPA's delegate body, executive committee meetings and the board of directors' meetings. He also reviews IPPA's communications and public policy programs.

Ryan has been active at the local, state and national level in leadership roles. He belongs to the Story County Pork Producers and has served on several IPPA committees, including membership/leadership; and swine health and well-being. Nationally, he has served as a delegate to the National Pork Industry Forum, and has attended the National Pork Producers Council's Legislative Action Conference, and participated in the Pork Leadership Institute.

In other industry roles, Ryan is a PQA Plus® adviser and is on the Iowa Pork Industry Center Advisory Board, including the program planning for Iowa State University's Iowa Swine Day.

Ryan has a bachelor’s degree in animal science from ISU.