The Iowa Pork Youth Contest judging will be based on the following:



Personal Interview            



Speech Presentation   



Media Interview



Personal Presentation



Biographical Form



Skill a thon





Total Points



Personal Interview — Each contestant will have a 10-minute personal interview with the panel of three judges. The interviews will be videotaped for judging purposes only.

Speech Presentation — Contestants will be required to present a speech on a subject relative to the pork industry. The speeches will be given in an extemporaneous style with contestants being allowed 30 minutes of prep time after they choose their speech topic. The speeches will be judged on content and delivery. Speeches are to be a minimum of 3 minutes and not to exceed 5 minutes. Speeches will be timed and the times will be submitted to judges. Contestants are not allowed to bring their own note cards and will not be allowed props or other visual aides. Blank note cards and various resources will be provided to all contestants to write their speech during the 30 minute prep time. These note cards may be used during the speech and can hold any amount of information needed. Contestants will use a microphone for their speeches. Speeches will be videotaped for judging purposes only.

Media Interview — Each contestant will participate in a mock media interview. They will be interviewed as if they were a representative of the pork industry. The interview will be pork industry specific.

Personal Presentation — Contestants will be continuously observed and judged by the judges   on how they handle themselves in various situations, on how they relate to others, etc. They will also be judged on how they reflect professionalism through their business dress attire.

Biographical Form — Participants will fill out and submit a contest participation form prior to the competition to IPPA. The form will be sent to the judges prior to the competition.

Skill-a-thon — Contestants will take a short Pork Skill-a-Thon Test that will quiz them on knowledge of the Iowa pork industry