IPPA Says Trade is Still the Answer as USDA Approves Second Half of Farm Aid

IPPA Says Trade is Still the Answer as USDA Approves Second Half of Farm Aid

(Clive, Iowa) December 18, 2018 – The USDA announced the second phase of the Market Facilitation Program (MFP) on Dec. 17.  MFP is part of the Trump Administration’s assistance program for America’s farmers suffering from ongoing trade disputes. Also, this past week the first shipments of pork purchased by the government under the aid plan were delivered to food centers around the country.

The Iowa Pork Producers Association says while this assistance for pork producers harmed by trade disruptions is a small positive step, Iowa’s pig farmers are more interested in having the Trump Administration continue its efforts to solve various trade disputes that are creating economic losses for them and their rural Iowa communities.

“The USDA announcement that outlines the details for increasing purchases of pork for federal nutrition programs and some direct payments to pig farmers is only short-term relief. It will not make producers whole for the dollars they’ve already lost in the marketplace,” says Ft. Dodge pig farmer Gregg Hora, who is IPPA President. “We’re more interested in a long-term solution that will return normal trading to China, Mexico and Canada,” he said.

The Trump Administration’s announcement earlier that day about its Free Trade Agreement negotiations with Mexico to remove retaliatory tariffs on pork is an example of a long-term solution that is underway that can really help pork producers.

“While we’re grateful and commend the administration for its action to help us,” Hora said, “what pork producers really want is to export more pork, and that means ending all these trade disputes soon.”

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