i.  Not required is expansion up to 1666 animal units if site existed on April 1, 2002 or it the county has not adopted the matrix.
ii.   Producer selects criteria-county scores-DNR independently scores if county rejects the matrix application.
iii.   Must include the supporting documentation, including design, operation and maintenance plans. NOTE: If the necessary supporting documentation is not included, DNR takes the position that it may reject the permit application (even if the county passes the matrix because the matrix is a part of the permit).
iv.   Also this triggers the county’s 14 day right to appeal issuance of a construction permit (county can waive the right to appeal.)

For more information: http://www.iowadnr.gov/Environment/LandStewardship/AnimalFeedingOperations/Confinements/ConstructionRequirements/Permitted/MasterMatrix.aspx