Strategic Investment Program

The Iowa Pork Producers Association represents and works on behalf of Iowa’s pork producers.

Participation in the Strategic Investment Program presents unique opportunities to you as a producer. No other organization can provide you with representation on state and federal pork industry issues, as does the Iowa Pork Producers Association working together with the National Pork Producers Council.

The IPPA works to:

  • Protect and expand pork markets
  • Minimize your cost of production
  • Influence lawmakers in achieving reasonable, science-based environmental regulations
  • Maintain and responsibly grow a healthy and vital pork industry in Iowa
  • Protect your livelihood and secure an opportunity for future generations

Your investment in the Strategic Investment Program will go to the following areas:

Working for reasonable and science-based regulation

The anti-agriculture movement continues to making illogical attempts to create unwarranted regulations, resulting in higher production costs. The IPPA works with lawmakers to create sensible and sound regulations.

Educating legislators on the challenges and realities of today’s pork producers

State legislators look to producer leaders, public policy staff and IPPA lobbyists for information and support on key bills that affect Iowa’s pork producers. IPPA public policy stances are determined by producer membership, which includes SIP investors.

Each year, Iowa producers meet with national legislative leaders during the NPPC Legislative Seminar to discuss issues such as mandatory identification, disease eradication and environmental regulations. Producer leaders also meet with each member of Iowa’s congressional delegation to share IPPA policy.

Representing pork producers on the state and national level

IPPA’s Board of Directors and IPPA Annual Meeting Delegates develop policy to enhance the mission of the association. This policy is then taken through the appropriate channels on the state and federal levels to further benefit SIP investors.

Serving as a liaison between pork producers and government agencies

IPPA represents pork producers while working with the Environmental Protection Commission and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, seeking common ground on air and water quality issues.

IPPA works to help develop, change, implement, and promote marketing programs with the USDA, Iowa Department of Economic Development and the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship. Most recently, the IPPA has provided recommended changes to the price reporting programs and hogs and pigs reports to make them more accurate, more valuable and producer friendly.

Protecting and expanding markets

Global markets have become essential for the pork industry to remain profitable in Iowa. Strategic Investment Program funds assist in maintaining a level playing field with equitable trade partners such as Japan and Mexico ­ the two largest export markets for U.S. pork.

Securing your future in pork production

Funded by the Strategic Investment Program, the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers was created to assist producers in planning and siting new livestock facilities, gaining and keeping community consent, filing manure management plans and enhancing neighbor and community relations.

CSIF’s mission is to grow Iowa’s communities one farmer at a time and it has four primary functions. The coalition educates farmers about the rules and regulations impacting animal agriculture, as well as empowers farmers to educate consumers about the importance of agriculture. CSIF also communicates to Iowan’s the connection between farm life and Iowa’s economic and social well-being. Lastly and most importantly, it will correct inaccurate information about livestock farmers and production agriculture.

Other coalition members include the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association, Iowa Corn Growers Association, Iowa Farm Bureau Federation, Iowa Soybean Association, Iowa Turkey Federation and the Midwest Dairy Association.

Informing producers of new regulations, changes in policy and current issues

Through the weekly Strategic Investment Communicator, the IPPA is in constant communication with producer investors on legislative, environmental and policy issues that are of critical importance to your operation.

Seminars, workshops and distance learning opportunities are coordinated throughout the year to keep producers well informed of new livestock regulations. Throughout the year, the IPPA coordinates district and statewide meetings to share information with producers about important policy issues, association programs and opportunities, as well as discuss critical topics that affect your farming operation.

The Iowa Pork Producer Magazine, quarterly Headlines newsletter and also bring you industry news, program updates, educational opportunities and resources to help you improve your profitability.

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