IPSC Actively Supports Youth in These Ways:

  • Iowa Foundation for Agricultural Advancement Scholarships
  • Clay County Fair Premiums: $100 per breed
  • Iowa State Fair Shows/Sales
  • Iowa State Fair FFA Premier Swine Exhibitor Sponsor
  • Team Purebred Sponsor
  • National Junior Swine Association Sponsor
  • Iowa State Fair All Breeds Picnic Host
  • Iowa Swine Jackpot Series
  • Iowa State University Judging Teams

IPSC Supports Exhibitors at the Iowa State Fair

The Iowa Purebred Swine Council provides nearly $11,000 in premiums to youth swine exhibitors. The IPSC provides additional premiums to 4-H and FFA swine exhibitors to encourage youth to show purebreds at the Iowa State Fair. The award money, which is funded through the Pork Checkoff program, is in addition to the premiums provided by the Iowa State Fair and is distributed in both the Market Hog and Derby Shows.

IPSC Supports Iowa Foundation for Agricultural Advancement

Every year, the Iowa Purebred Swine Council supports the Iowa Foundation for Agricultural Advancement (IFAA) by funding two $1,500 scholarships,  awarded to outstanding youth involved in the swine industry. IFAA is a non-profit organization comprised of livestock enthusiasts dedicated to encouraging 4-H  and FFA members to pursue ag-related careers. IFAA is responsible for the annual Iowa State Fair Sale of Champions and scholarship program.


Congratulations to our 2019 scholarship winners!

IPPA producer outreach director Emm Lasco (left) and IPSC vice president Joe Eggers (right) present $1500 scholarship awards to Nolan Lyness of Manchester and Ben Heeren of Lehigh.

Nolan Lyness of Manchester graduated from Kirkwood Community College with an AAS in ag production management. He is now attending Iowa State University studying ag and life sciences education. He is planning a career educating and assisting youth with 4-H and FFA projects that will give them an opportunity to be successful in agriculture. Ben Heeren, Lehigh, has been an active 4-her for nine years, and participated in the Hamilton county Bacon Bits program where an older 4-Her teams with a younger member to teach them about showing swine. He began his college career at Kirkwood Community College with plans to transfer to Iowa State University to further his education in agriculture.

Premier FFA Swine Exhibitor Scholarships

The Iowa Purebred Swine Council sponsored five scholarships from this event. This program is designed to recognize FFA swine project members who can articulate their understanding about the future of the animal industry and their knowledge about animal production. This event is for FFA exhibitors who have completed their junior or senior year in high school.

What is involved?
A composite score is computed from the following five elements:
1. Showmanship (15%)
2. Best show ring ribbon earned (10%)
3. A seven-minute interview (25%)
4. 30-minute exam covering questions on production (25%)
5. 30-minute Skill-a-thon (25%)