The Iowa Pork Producers Association is the professional organization representing Iowa’s pork producers. IPPA is your voice to legislators, educators, consumers and key influencers and is directed and led by Iowa’s pork producers. IPPA producer/members are:
  • Owners
  • Operators
  • Contract feeders
  • Managers
  • Employees

IPPA annual membership dues are $20 for a single membership and $30 for a joint membership. County membership dues vary and may increase to anywhere from $25 to $45 for an individual membership. If no organization exists, producers may simply join IPPA for $20.

Membership Benefits
  • Representation on the state and federal level
  • Determine IPPA policy positions
  • Communication and information services
  • Educational programs and opportunities
  • Public relations services
  • Local, state and national leadership opportunities
  • National Pork Producers Council membership
  • Iowa Pork Congress

Representation on the state and federal level
State legislators and our congressional representatives look to IPPA for information and support on key issues that affect Iowa livestock farmers. IPPA lobbyists, producer leaders and public policy staff represent and voice the opinions of the IPPA voting members.

Determine IPPA policy positions
IPPA looks to its members to determine policy positions, develop programs and give direction to the Board of Directors. Policy positions are communicated and lobbied at the state and federal level.

IPPA Bylaws State:
An IPPA voting member can be anyone who is actively engaged in the production of porcine animals in Iowa, or a spouse of such an individual. An individual is “actively engaged” if that individual is an owner, operator, contract feeder, manager or employee of an enterprise involved in the production of porcine animals.

All IPPA members have an equal opportunity to give input, determine policy positions and become involved as county, district, state and national leaders of the association.

Through county meetings, district meetings, annual membership surveys and the IPPA Annual Meeting, members develop and approve policy that directly affects all pork producers in Iowa.

Communications services
IPPA has a wealth of information available to its members. From economic, research and production information to legal resources on livestock regulations, siting new facilities and regulation compliance.

IPPA members receive the bi-monthly Iowa Pork Producer magazine, quarterly Headlines newsletter and the IPPA News for Members weekly e-newsletter, which updates members on association programs, educational opportunities, public policy and critical regulation information.

Educational programs and opportunities
Seminars, workshops and conferences are coordinated throughout the year to keep producers well informed of current livestock regulations, new technologies and issues critical to the success of your operation.

Public Relations services
Members have full access to IPPA staff, funding and resources to assist with public relations in rural communities. We’ll write letters, coordinate media tours, develop brochures and literature, place advertising and work with local media to get positive messages out about livestock production in your community.

National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) membership
All National Pork Producers Council members automatically have a membership with IPPA. NPPC conducts public policy outreach on behalf of the producer members of its 44 affiliated state associations. NPPC works on behalf of IPPA members on trade, food safety, environmental, animal welfare, animal ID and agriterrorism issues.

County pork producer organization membership
IPPA members can join their local county organization, or directly join IPPA if no county organization exists. County organizations offer leadership opportunities and conduct numerous community involvement activities such as pork promotions, educational programs, sponsorships and representation to local elected officials and community leaders.

Leadership opportunities
IPPA offers a variety of leadership positions at the local, state and national levels. With a producer board, 15 working committees and nearly 70 organized county groups, IPPA is continually seeking progressive producers to lead the association.

Iowa Pork Congress
Each year, the Iowa Pork Congress attracts nearly 5,000 producers and other visitors. Billed as the nation’s largest winter swine tradeshow, the two-day event is held in Des Moines and features numerous educational seminars, opportunities to visit with nationally known swine experts and nearly 300 swine industry exhibitors. IPPA members receive a 50 percent discount off the normal admission fee for the show.

IPPA and the Pork Checkoff
The present Checkoff rate is .40 percent of the market value of each hog, or 40 cents per $100 of value. Iowa, the largest pork producing state in the nation with at least 30 million hogs marketed annually, contributes roughly one-third of the nation’s pork supply. As expected, Iowa generates about one-fourth of all Checkoff revenue in the United States.

IPPA receives 16.5 percent of all Checkoff money collected on the sale of hogs in the state. The other 83.5 percent of the funds are invested in national programs developed by the National Pork Board.

IPPA Funding

IPPA and Public Policy
IPPA serves as the voice of Iowa pork producers on the state and national levels. IPPA plays an active role in the rule-making process for livestock environmental regulations, air and water quality issues and numerous advocacy efforts.

Producer members driving policy
Public policy decisions are made by the delegate body during the IPPA Annual Meeting, by the IPPA Public Policy Committee and the IPPA Board of Directors. Congress prohibits the use of Checkoff funds for legislative issues. Therefore, governmental affairs programs are funded primarily in three ways:

  • Strategic Investment Program (SIP)
  • Revenue generated from the Iowa Pork Tent at the Iowa State Fair and the Iowa Pork Congress
  • IPPA Membership dues
SIP is a voluntary funding program to support public policy and advocacy programs in Iowa and on a national level. The assessment is 10 cents per $100 of value, with 40 percent of the collections distributed to IPPA and 60 percent to NPPC.
Keeping you informed

IPPA communicates to more than 10,000 Iowa pork producers, educators and industry professionals through the Iowa Pork Producer magazine, Headlines newsletter and to the Iowa Strategic Investment Program is the bi-weekly SIP Communicator e-newsletter sent to all SIP investors. In addition, IPPA members receive the bi-weekly News for Members e-newsletter with information on IPPA programs, regulatory updates and educational opportunities.

How do I participate?
For more information, or to become a member, contact your county pork producer organization or IPPA at (800) 372-7675.

Join your local pork producer organization!
Pork producers can either join their local county organization or directly join IPPA if no county organization exists. County leaders realize the importance of working together to continually remind neighbors and fellow citizens that the pork industry is an essential part of rural communities.

Local pork producer organizations participate in:

  • Educational efforts with local schools
  • Community fundraisers and charitable sponsorships
  • Partnerships with 4-H clubs and FFA chapters
  • Youth scholarship programs
  • Retail and restaurant promotions
  • Joint programs with other local farm organizations
  • IPPA programs and policy development

Membership dues vary by county and usually range from $25 to $45 annually. Membership at the county level guarantees you membership with IPPA and the National Pork Producers Council.

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