BBQ Pork Tater Tot Casserole

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Proper Cooking Temperature

Pork today is very lean, making it important to not overcook and follow the recommended pork cooking temperature.

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Pork Nutrition

In the marketplace today, lean, nutrient-rich pork is versatile, affordable and accessible for many Americans. Pork has many beneficial qualities to make pork easy to incorporate into any healthy and balanced diet.

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Connect with ag, farmers and food!

ChopTalk looks at pig farming and the many ways it impacts food choices, the environment, and even the local and state economy.

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Pork Industry Boosts Iowa Economy

The work of Iowa’s pig farmers is the core of a vital pork industry in the state, a new study shows.

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Good for You, Good for the Planet

Learn surprising facts about the way lean pork can be an integral part of your healthy diet; and how pork producers have been improving their environmental sustainability for decades.

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When you get in the kitchen with pork, you’ll find yourself thinking about all the possibilities.

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