About IPPA

Mission Statement

The Iowa Pork Producers Association is focused on educating and providing a leading voice for a sustainable, socially responsible, and globally competitive pork industry.

We use these values to guide our work:

  • Proactive in our pursuit of goals and success
  • Integrity; we are committed to doing our best every day
  • Grassroots; our leadership and collaboration come from dedicated members and staff
  • Stewardship in providing care and respect for people, pigs, and our communities

Who We Represent

IPPA is the unified voice for Iowa's pork producers; working with them at local, state, and national levels. Our members include independent pig farmers, contract growers, production employees, swine industry employees, students and others who support pork production in Iowa.

IPPA has more than 4,000 members belonging to about 65 organized county organizations across the state. Every member, regardless of the size of their business, has a voice in IPPA through county-elected delegates.

County organizations support their local communities in a variety of ways, including classroom visits, grilling events, sponsoring local programs and partnerships with retailers and restaurants to promote pork and the pork industry.

County organizations also play an important role in representing local pork producers to elected officials and opinion leaders in their community.