Resources for County Pork Groups

The staff at the Iowa Pork Producers Association (IPPA) is ready to help county pork producer groups with becoming organized; providing ideas and assets for pork promotion events; developing a local public relations campaign; discussing public policy issues; and assisting with contacts in the industry.

IPPA has also developed programs that counties can use to engage with their local communities.

Bacon Buddies

Bacon Buddies® gives individuals who have intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (Buddies) the opportunity to take a pig into the show ring.

Not only has IPPA, along with Special Olympics Iowa, developed a plan to help county pork producers put on the Bacon Buddies show locally, we are also providing $500 so the county can defray costs like event signage, tee shirts, awards, advertising, food expenses and event admission fees.

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Iowa Pork Cash

Iowa Pork Cash from the Iowa Pork Producers Association is a great and simple way to give the gift of pork! You can purchase Iowa Pork Cash in denominations of $5 and $20.

Iowa Pork Cash coupons can be redeemed nationwide at most major grocery retailers, as well as smaller retailers, meat lockers and butcher shops. (Participation may vary.) Order NOW to treat yourself or someone else to the great taste of PORK!

Questions? Contact Brielle Smeby at or (800) 372-7675.

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Pork in the Pantry

In 2023, county pork producer groups took advantage of this program to help add pork products to their local food pantries.

Starting in 2023, county pork groups that donate pork to their local food pantries during late winter and early spring can be reimbursed up to $1,000 for that activity. Nearly 40 counties participated in 2024, donating bacon, brats, chops, ground pork, hams, loins, roasts, sausage, and tenderloins to help local families add protein to their diets. 

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Recipes, informational brochures, educational items, and Iowa Pork merchandise are available!

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