Manure Management Plans

A manure management plan (MMP) defines how you will apply the manure generated on the farm. It will outline your plan to use the right amount of nutrients to the crops that need it. You will list the fields you plan to use, the application rates and methods. The MMP is submitted to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

You will need a MMP if you have confinements or totally roofed facilities that are home to 500 "animal units." If you just have finishing hogs only, that's the equivalent to 1,250 animals. However, if you have other livestock, make sure to include them in your count of animal units.

Your MMP needs to be updated annually through a short-form. A long-form update is due every 4 years. The DNR does NOT send due date reminders to producers for updating their Manure Management Plans (MPP) unless you are part of their electronic system.

Through DNR's electronic system, you can submit your annual MMP short-form update online, but your long-form update - done every 4 years - must still be a paper copy. Not sure when you need to make your long-form update? Use the MMP Due Date Finder; you will need your 5-digit facility ID. 

By signing up for DNR's electronic system, you will also receive a reminder notification of your annual due date.

For more information related to Manure Management Plans or environmental and producer education programs, contact Ben Nuelle, IPPA public policy director. You can also call him at 515-225-7675. You can also check out these resources:

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