The Strategic Investment Program


The Strategic Investment Program (SIP) is the primary source of funds for addressing state and national policy issues in the pork industry. SIP is a voluntary checkoff investment that pork producers use to make sure they are represented at the Iowa Capitol, as well as in Washington, D.C. SIP funds are collected by the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC).

The funds collected are split with the state associations – 60% to NPPC, 40% to the states. These unrestricted funds enable state pork organization to respond to threats on a state and local level. As an investor, you’ll have a voice in the collaborative effort that establishes both Iowa Pork Producer Association (IPPA) policy, as well as NPPC policy if you choose to participate.

In Iowa, no other organization can provide you with representation on state and federal pork industry issues, as does IPPA, working together with NPPC. The IPPA works to:

  • Influence lawmakers in achieving reasonable, science-based environmental regulations
  • Maintain and responsibly grow a healthy and vital pork industry in the state
  • Protect your livelihood and secure an opportunity for future generations of pork producers

SIP is voluntary, and is not related to the mandatory checkoffMandatory checkoff dollars cannot be used for public policy or lobbying; but, Strategic Investment Program funds are unrestricted. Trade, regulations, legislation—SIP dollars can be used to help advocate for you at the state and national levels.

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