IPPA and the Iowa Purebred Swine Council

Purebred swine production has been key to developing desired genetics used to produce most commercial pigs. For example, some breeds are noted for rapid growth and good meat quality, others are noted for producing more healthy pigs per litter. these efforts have helped grow the Iowa pork industry.

That's one reason IPPA has been a long supporter of the  Iowa Purebred Swine Council (IPSC).  IPSC also supports youth through the Verified Iowa Purebred Program. The program aims to attract young people to the industry through their shows and awarding prize money and scholarships that help youth get started on their longer career path in the swine industry.

You can learn more about Iowa breeders enrolled in  IPSC's programs; and even more about specific breeds.

IPSC also selects a Master Seedstock Producer each year that is part of IPPA's Master Pork Producer program.

To find out more about the IPSC, contact their officers:

  • President - Ben Schmaling, Prescott, IA; ph. 608-212-0618
  • Vice President - Joe Eggers, State Center, IA; ph. 515-231-1720 
  • Secretary-Treasurer - Cory Van Gilst, IPPA; ph. 515-225-7675

Showing Pigs in Iowa

Learn About the Youth Quality Assurance Program