Iowa Tenderloin Trail

Get rewarded for eating the iconic breaded pork tenderloinInspired by the success of the original Iowa Tenderloin Trail, we launched version “2.0" with a fresh lineup of 14 locations across the state! Chomp through 10 of those, and we’ll send you an “I Conquered the Iowa Tenderloin Trail 2.0” T-shirt!

Here in Iowa—the nation’s leader in pork production—a tenderloin isn't straight from the freezer to the fryer. Oh, no. We take tremendous pride in hand-pounded or tenderized, center-cut pork loin that is blanketed in a custom breadcrumb mixture or dipped in a savory batter and fried to golden perfection!

Mouth watering? Let's get eatin'!

Order a tenderloin at any designated restaurant, then track each stop using our paper OR digital “passport." You must pick one version to follow.

Paper: Ask your server for the custom ink stamp, and hit 10 of the 14 tenderloins within 24 months! Download and print the official passport. Or, pick one up at the Iowa Pork Producers Association, 1636 N.W. 114th St. in Clive, and at any participating restaurant.

Digital: We've made it even easier to complete the Iowa Tenderloin Trail! However, unlike the paper version, you only have a year to complete this one. Click the link below.

Download paper passport      Go digital!

Stops on the Iowa Tenderloin Trail 2.0

The Sandwiches

Note: The breaded pork tenderloin is cut from a pork loin and is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than the cut of pork called TENDERLOIN. An actual TENDERLOIN is as lean as a boneless, skinless chicken breast (only 2.98 g of fat), is an excellent LEAN PROTEIN, and is among the American Heart Association Heart-Check foods!