Fact Sheets About the Iowa Pork Industry

Economic Contribution Study

In 2020, the Iowa Pork Producers Association published a 60-page economic contribution study of Iowa's porkinfographic of pork economic impact industry to the state. In addition, the study also took a closer look at the impact in 35 counties, which had various levels of pig production in them.  This infographic shows the positive economic impact of pork production in Iowa.

The study also provided information about the economic contribution  of building a 2400-hd pig barn. Please note that these numbers are assessing a building's value in 2020, prior to the pandemic. Costs and values have changed since that time.

Check Out Pig Numbers

Every five years, USDA conducts a Census of Agriculture. The most recent results available come from the 2017 Census. You can take a look at how Iowa compares to other states production numbers.

If you are interested in county numbers in Iowa, you can also take a look at those comparisons.

USDA also conducts a Quarterly Hogs & Pigs report that looks at the 13 major pork-producing states; Iowa is the top-producing state.

See the most recent Qtrly H&P Report.