IPPA Membership

There are more than 4,000 people who are members of the Iowa Pork Producers Association.

We invite anyone who earns a livelihood in pork production or the swine industry to become a member. This includes independent producers, contract producers, swine industry employees, production system employees, and students. Every person helps make the IPPA mission possible: promoting, educating and providing a leading voice for a sustainable, socially responsible and globally competitive pork industry.

The cost of an IPPA membership is $20 per person; or $30 for two people in the family. You can also join your county organization for an additional fee. That's your ticket for being involved at the local level!

Members of IPPA:

  • Work with their neighbors in the community on pork promotion and swine issues
  • Gain legislative representation at the state and federal levels
  • Help determine IPPA policy positions
  • Gain access to news and information about the pork industry
  • Participate in local, state and national leadership opportunities
  • Receive free admission to Iowa Pork Congress


If you have questions, contact Cory Van Gilst or call 515-225-7675.