New Product Showcase

The Iowa Pork Congress is a one-stop shop for swine industry products and services. Several companies exhibiting at the 2024 trade show are introducing new or enhanced items. Here are this year’s submissions for the New Product Showcase. You can find out more on their websites or by visiting their booths at the 2024 Iowa Pork Congress.

AgriTherm Swine Brooder Heater

Double L Group:

Our AgriTherm Swine Brooder features an efficient design with radiant heat technology allowing heat to transfer to animal occupied areas reducing heat loss to air.

View it at Booth #312.

Hog Hearth Heat Mats

IHT Group:

Next-gen Hog Hearth Heat Mats includes a fiberglass reinforced 5VA FR enclosure, non-slip/high-traction surface, optimized heat uniformity throughout the surface, and increased capacity.

View it at Booth #429.

Volt Electric Heater with Hanging Kit

L.B. White Company:

The Volt® Hanging Kit offers the ability to mount your electric heater from the ceiling.

Features: Fully assembled- Easy to install- Adjustable angle.

View it at Booth #812.



GenePack is a new packaging system from GENPRO. GenePack is designed to be used by AI facilities of any size and that is reflected in its affordable price. Its concept and design allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.

View it at Booth #738.



The world's first camera-based pig weighing sensor. The sensor, which is installed above each pen near the feeder, accurately weighs each individual pig remotely without human involvement.

View it at Booth #504.

AIS-1250 Filtered Air

AGRI Incineration Systems Limited:

THE NEXT LEVEL in Bio-secure animal waste Incineration. Fully enclosed solution is the ultimate biosecurity system connecting to the animal housing by sealed conveyer.

View it at Booth #945.

Hog Slat Fall Arrest System

Hog Slat:

The HSI Fall Arrest System is the only safety-resistance device developed for feed bins that allows an operator to move from the sidewall ladder to the roof ladder without reattaching the lanyard.

View it at Booth #301.

MealMeter 2.0 Mobile App

Pig Easy:

MealMeter2.0 Mobile Application monitors individual lactating sows’ feed and water consumption in real-time, alerting workers of low intake to treat sows faster.

View it at Booth #820.

Manure Master Foam Away

ProfitPro AG:

Manure Master Foam Away is a concentrated dry blend designed to knock down microbial foam in swine storage facilities.

View it at Booth #1245.

ProSeries AG LED Utility Luminaire

Engineered Products Co. | EPCO:

ProSeries AG Luminaire provides 95% electrical efficiency.  The high-power LEDs provide excellent white-light distribution, reduce energy consumption, lower carbon emissions*, & ideal for universal lighting integration.

View it at Booth #828.


Innovative Solutions:

Convenient liquid concentrate of organic acids, short-chain fatty acid glycerides and flavors for post-wean pigs.

View it at Booth #1140. 


Innovative Solutions:

Novel swine origin probiotic developed with a leading University, proven to improve feed efficiency in growing and finishing pigs.

View it at Booth #1140.

Vantek Concrete Restoration and Protection

Vantek Concrete Restoration and Protection

Offering a full product line of concrete/metal coating and repair mortars proven to outlast all others.

View it at Booth #605.

Hog Feeders with a Feed Viewfinder

 Fabcore Feeders:

We have added a window on both sides of our feeders so that you can see the feed level easier. View is at Booth #340.  


Furst-McNess Company:

The strength of a pyramid. Building on sound nutrition, aligning air and water solutions to maximize your animal's potential.