Interim Iowa Pork Industry Center director named

Interim Iowa Pork Industry Center director named

Posted Nov. 13, 2012

The senior clinician at the Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine department of Iowa State’s College of Veterinary Medicine has been named interim director of ISU’s Iowa Pork Industry Center.

Rodney “Butch” Baker said he knew it was the right time and the right step for him when he accepted the position and he’s excited to be part of the center.

“I know the Iowa Pork Industry Center does great work and I’m looking forward to learning more and becoming more involved with what we do throughout the state,” he said. “We want to remain an integral part of the pork industry in Iowa and the nation, and that’s high on my priority list.”

Baker will serve as interim IPIC director for two years, and intends to use his experience and expertise in the veterinary medicine field to help guide the center’s work during that time.

“I’ve been a practicing swine veterinarian and have industry and educational experience, and expect to use some of that experience in my new role,” he said. “I’ll continue my veterinary teaching responsibilities here at Iowa State, and expect to see some synergy between these two roles.”

Former IPIC director John Mabry said he decided this year was the right time for him to step back from that leadership role.

“I’ve been here as director for 12 years and enjoyed the opportunities it brought,” Mabry said. “When I came to this job in 2000, I saw it as the best place in the country for helping provide technology, education and information to the swine industry, and my opinion hasn’t changed. Iowa continues to have a unique potential for low-cost and high quality pork production capability, and IPIC helps those who wish to take advantage of the state’s pork production assets.”

Mabry will remain on the animal science faculty and expects to stay involved with IPIC, its programming efforts and extension program staff members.