International student exchange program looking for Iowa farm hosts

International student exchange program looking for Iowa farm hosts

Posted June 11, 2013

The Worldwide International Student Exchange (WISE) program is interested in placing foreign agriculture students or recent graduates with Iowa farm families in 2014.

WISE is a non-profit foundation based in Dyersburg, TN, that recruits international trainees and interns for placement on American farms in order to strengthen the agriculture communities in the participant’s home country.

“We place trainees and interns in all areas of agriculture including crop and livestock production, bovine science, swine and poultry production and many other specialty production areas related to agriculture,” said Jake Lay of the WISE Foundation.

“Interns” are current university students or recent graduates. “Trainees” are graduates with more than 12 months of work experience or non-university graduates with at least five years of work experience in their specific field. Applicants must demonstrate practical experience related to their agriculture placement request and basic English skills.

Six to nine month and one-year programs are available to hosts. The monthly stipend wages cost to the host is based on the average number of hours worked by the trainee. Housing must be provided by the host either in their home or in a nearby location. WISE provides basic health insurance coverage.

“The students that participate in our program have tremendous success! The knowledge that they are able to obtain here in the United States is superior to their home country’s education,” Lay said.

For more information, contact Jake Lay at or call (800) 264-0948.