Iowa Pork Leadership Academy

Iowa Pork Leadership Academy


Because COVID-19 limited opportunities for the 2020 Iowa Pork Leadership Academy, those participants will continue their experience through the current year.

IPLA is open to all men and women interested in providing future leadership to Iowa’s pork industry. 

Iowa’s agriculture leadership is built on generations of individuals who have made agriculture their cause, not just their job. The Iowa Pork Producers Association recognizes that the future of Iowa’s pork industry depends on developing new leaders who share the same passion. The Iowa Pork Leadership Academy was created to accommodate Iowa’s pork producers who are committed to the pork industry and provide them with the tools they need to succeed as leaders. This is a resource for talented men and women who want to contribute to a better future for Iowa’s communities and the long-term profitability of the pork industry in Iowa.

Read about the 2020/2021 class!

Members of the 2020/2021 Iowa Pork Leadership Academy met with Lt. Governor Adam Gregg (center, in blue) in March 2020.


Graduates will be able to:

  • Describe the value of grassroots leadership, which includes knowing how to get involved and having the personal skills to work effectively as a leader.
  • Define their personal leadership style by knowing the diversity of leadership styles, and how people with different leadership styles work together in a group.
  • Develop a working knowledge of Iowa Pork Producers Association and other key organizations that agriculture can work with to broaden perspectives and build coalitions.
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of the pork industry and economy in Iowa and Iowa’s place in the world agriculture economy.
  • Communicate messages about the pork industry using facts and key points and communicate pork industry messages through written or verbal communication.

Program Sessions:

  1. Pork Checkoff Focus—February

– Identify personality profiles
– Understand Pork Checkoff history and purpose
– Participate in communication training

  1. Legislative Focus—March

– Leadership in the workplace
– Understand Strategic Investment Program history and purpose
– Identify current issues in pork industry
– Participate in LEADR policy training

  1. Washington, DC trip—June

– Define policy making process on Capitol Hill
– Describe pork production systems and raise awareness outside of Iowa

  1. Out-of-State trip—Late August

– Gain understanding of supply chain management and logistics of trade
– Promote pork in area of little pork production
– Learn about other agricultural business

  1. Iowa Pork Congress—January

– Participate in IPPA Annual Meeting
– Recognition as IPLA graduate

IPLA Participant testimonials
“Huge learning experience.”
“Great eye-opener.”
“Overall program does nice job of touching several different aspects of the pork industry.”
“Interacting with consumers and promoting pork made for an awesome experience.”
“It gave me a better appreciation for how our government truly operates to make policy happen.”

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