These are challenging times for Iowa’s pig farmers, and that can make it difficult to talk about the pride they have in their work to produce a wholesome and safe protein that people choose to put on their table.

Iowa Pork Proud is an online campaign to rally support for our state’s pig farmers and boost morale as they work through COVID-19 issues that disrupted the food supply chain. Despite the hardships, Iowa pig farmers – who raise one-third of the pigs in the United States – have worked tirelessly to provide safe, nutritious pork for Americans.

Iowa’s pig farmers are resilient. The Iowa Pork Proud campaign requires no financial support—instead, it’s an opportunity to showcase that resilience and future-focused mindset as we navigate this unprecedented time.


Lisa Peterson, Rhodes

Pat & Diane Gannon, Colfax

Aaron & Alyce Nieland, Breda


Record your own short videos and post on social media channels to highlight why pork is important to you personally, or to share a word of encouragement for Iowa’s pig farmers. Be sure to use the hashtag #IowaPorkProud and tag @IowaPork.

Also, adjust your settings to allow the video to be shared publicly. (Facebook mobile app: Beneath your name at the top of the “Create Post” box, a drop-down menu allows you to “Select Privacy”—click “Public.” Desktop: In the lower portion of the Create Post box, where “News Feed” is likely selected, look to the right of “News Feed” and click the drop-down menu. Select “Public.”)

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Here are some thought-starters:

  • I’m Iowa Pork Proud because I’m a third-generation pig farmer.
  • I’m Iowa Pork Proud because I grew up in Iowa and understand the importance of the pork industry to the health of Iowa’s economy.
  • I’m Iowa Pork Proud because I love bacon!

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Update your profile photo with a frame: 
  • Facebook mobile app – Tap on your profile picture and select “Add Frame.” Search “Iowa Pork Proud.”
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