Iowa’s second-best tenderloin is ‘fantastic’

Iowa’s second-best tenderloin is ‘fantastic’

Missy and Steve Sanson of Three C’s Diner in Corning display one of their award-winning tenderloins.

The Iowa Pork Producers Association Restaurant and Foodservice Committee traveled to Corning in southwest Iowa today to present the runner-up award in the 2015 Best Breaded Pork Tenderloin contest.

Missy and Steve Sanson, owners of Three C’s Diner, received a plaque, which was immediately displayed behind the front counter, and a check for $250.

The Sansons were very appreciative of the award and the boost in business and were eager to know what they could do to improve their tenderloin sandwich. With the increased business since the award, that may not be necessary.

“We’ve gone from purchasing 120 pounds of whole pork loins a week to 180 pounds,” said Missy.

“I thought Three C’s’ tenderloin was fantastic!” said IPPA Marketing and Program Director Kelsey Sutter. “It was definitely worth the trip. It’s perfectly salted and a nice thick loin. The service was outstanding, too, which makes dinning out even more enjoyable!”

The tenderloins aren’t the only pork item that shines at Three C’s either. The locals enjoy featured specials that include grilled pork chops, smoked ribs and loins and BBQ pulled pork.

“Every summer we purchase a few champion hogs from local 4-H kids at the county fair to smoke and make pulled pork with,” Steve said proudly.

The Belmond Drive-in won this year’s contest and received its awards on Oct. 9.

This was IPPA’s 13th year for the BBPT contest.