IPPA President Praises Trump's signing of USMCA

IPPA President Praises Trump’s signing of USMCA

Below is a statement from Mike Paustian, the president of the Iowa Pork Producers Association, regarding President Donald Trump signing the USMCA into law. Paustian is a pig farmer from Walcott.

“We are very pleased that the president and Congress have taken action on behalf of the United States to formally adopt and sign the measure that will put USMCA (U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement) trade measures in place. This is one more piece of news in recent months to indicate that Iowa pig farmers could see a return to more opportunities for fair and tariff-free trade.

“When combined, the joint Mexico and Canada market has consistently purchased 40 percent of all U.S. pork exports when there was a trade agreement between the three countries. Returning to that status is important for Iowans because 25 percent of the pork produced in Iowa goes into the export market.”

Canada must yet ratify the deal. (Now, both the U.S. and Mexico have.) The agreement was introduced into Canada’s parliament on Monday.

“We thank the entire Iowa congressional delegation for its bi-partisan work and support in moving U.S. action through Congress and encouraging President Trump to sign it quickly.

“Our industry has worked many years in developing valuable international trading relationships that have fueled Iowa’s rural economy and helped offset the U.S. trade deficit. It is important to me and Iowa’s other pig farmers that we return to those good working relationships we have had with Mexico and Canada.”