New technology being used to promote pork during state fair

IPPA to use new technology to promote pork during state fair

ClearChannelBillboard2The Iowa Pork Producers Association will be promoting its various 2015 Iowa State Fair activities digitally and interactively this year using new technology offered by Clearchannel Outdoor in Des Moines.

Space has been purchased on four digital billboards from Aug. 10 through Aug. 23 at locations around Des Moines to promote the various pork venues at the fair, including the Animal Learning Center, the Ag Building, Swine Barn, Iowa Pork Tent and the Pork Chop on a Stick™ concessions.

Prior to the fair, the boards will carry messages asking consumers to photograph themselves at one of the IPPA venues or enjoying one of the pork products at the fair and then post the photo to either the IPPA Instagram or Twitter pages using #porkatthefair for display on the boards. IPPA also will be snapping photos of the venues and posting the images to the billboards.

Daily updates of the number of chop products sold also will be posted to the boards along with consumer chop photos throughout the fair as a reminder to stop by the IPPA concessions to enjoy delicious pork products.