IPPA Youth Swine Judging Contest results announced

IPPA Youth Swine Judging Contest results announced

Posted Jan. 29, 2013

The Iowa Pork Producers Association has announced the results of the 5th annual Youth Swine Judging Contest held at the Iowa State Fairgrounds on Jan. 24 as part of the 2013 Iowa Pork Congress.

A record turnout of 511 4-H and FFA students from 46 schools around Iowa participated in the contest. The students were able to test their gilt selection and market evaluation skills in four different judging classes.

The results are:

Senior Division

1st Place Team—Prairie City-Monroe FFA Team 1 (Receive Plaque and $400 scholarship each)
Connor Warrick
Derrick Hoodjer
Alex Samson
Mike Birkenholtz

2nd Place Team—Grinnell FFA Team 1 (Receive Plaque and $200 scholarship each)
Megan Iverson
Taylor Long
Stephanie Patterson
Jessica Moyer

3rd Place Team—Grinnell FFA Team 2 (Receive Plaque and $100 scholarship each)
Kolton Werner
Katye Werner
Teirra Long
Nik Lleverino

4th Place Team—Osage FFA Team 1 (Receive Plaque)
Trevor Taets
Logan Thome
Leigh Marzan
Dylan Klaes

5th Place Team—Earlham FFA Team 1 (Receive Plaque)
Erica Baier
Jesse Bennett
Blake Rutz
Cody Jimmerson

High Individual — Connor Warrick of Prairie City-Monroe

Junior Division
1st Place Team — Benton County 4H Team 2 (Receive Plaque)
Andrew Wiley
Isaac Wiley
Stallone Purdy

2nd Pace Team — Wayne FFA Team 2 (Receive Plaque)
Ryan McConahay
Kyle Andrews
Drake Hook
Blake Moore

3rd Place Team — Des Moines County 4H Team 1 (Receive Plaque)
Sam Lane
Dawson Brader
Catie Messer
Brock Stover

High Individual — Andrew Wiley of Benton County 4H

IPPA conducted two small assessments with students during the contest. Both included 12 questions about hog production and meat quality. The first assessment focused mostly on general farm practices related to livestock production. The second focused on meat quality and characteristics as they related to livestock production and handling practices.

Following the event, many of the students were able to visit the Iowa Pork Congress tradeshow at the Iowa Events Center.