New survey finds Iowans with greater trust in farming

New survey finds Iowans with greater trust in farming

Posted Nov. 25, 2014

More Iowans understand how the food they’ll serve this holiday season is grown and they increasingly trust farmers to do a good job growing it, according to an Iowa Food & Family Project (Iowa FFP) survey.

Ninety-five percent of respondents said they are “very” and “somewhat” knowledgeable about how the food they purchase is produced, up 6 percentage points from last year and 9 points from 2012. The survey also found 81 percent of people have a positive impression about farming.

The Consumer Pulse survey, conducted by Campaign HQ of Brooklyn, polled 353 health-conscious Iowans who make the majority of their household’s food purchases. Respondents were queried on a variety of food topics, their familiarity with the Iowa FFP and how that familiarity changes their perceptions about today’s farms and food system.

Fifteen percent of respondents said farmers “do things right regardless of financial benefit,” up 6 percentage points from last year. Sixty-one percent believe growers “balance doing what’s right” with profit, while just 14 percent think farmers are “driven solely by profit,” down 4 points from last year.

Launched in 2011 by the Iowa Soybean Association (ISA), the Food & Family Project facilitates greater confidence among food-minded Iowans about how food is grown and acquaints them with the farmers who grow it. Partners include Hy-Vee, Iowa Beef Industry Council, Iowa Egg Council, Iowa Pork Producers Association, Iowa Soybean Association, Subway, Midwest Dairy Association, Iowa Corn Growers Association and Casey’s General Store, to name a few.

Survey results indicate the Food & Family Project is having success. People familiar with the Iowa FFP said they are more knowledgeable about farming and have a more favorable impression about production agriculture. They’re 10 percent more confident that farmers care for the well-being of their livestock and nine percent more confident that farmers protect the environment

“What these numbers tell us is that we’re influencing the food influencers,” said Iowa FFP Coordinator Aaron Putze. “Those involved in the Iowa FFP have a passion for helping Iowans be healthier, happier and more informed about the food they love and the farmers who grow it. Our work is groundbreaking and the results are real, positive and measureable.”