Pork Producers Bringing Porktober18 to Iowa

Pork Producers Bringing Porktober18 to Iowa

(Clive, Iowa) October 4, 2018 – The cool and crisp weather that moves into Iowa this time of year says one thing: it’s time to enjoy some comfort food. There’s nothing that expresses that more than putting pork on your plate. In a state where one out of 12 people work every day to produce and bring pork to your favorite store or restaurant, you know there’s nothing that can be more home-grown and Iowa-local than pork.

This year, the Iowa Pork Producers Association has dubbed the tenth month of the year Porktober – An Iowa Pork Celebration. “We encourage you to follow great nutrition and cooking information about pork by following #Porktober18 on all your social media channels,” says IPPA President Gregg Hora.

“While we encourage consumers to include pork in their meals all year long, this month is an opportunity to remind you about a great product and the men and women who produce it,” says the Fort Dodge pig farmer.

Pork is the leading animal protein for consumers across the globe. “Despite the fact that trade disagreements have tempered U.S. pork exports to some of our best customers in the world, we continue to focus on selling our product to consumers world-wide,” Hora said.

“And, we never forget that our most important consumers will always be those here at home. Porktober18 lets us re-establish our producer-to-consumer relationship so we can tell our story about producing safe, nutritious food right here in Iowa.”

Some Pork Fun Facts:

  • Who likes bacon? Everyone! According to a study by Datassential MenuTrendsTM. This pork product rates 98 to 100 percent with every ethnic, age, geographic and family types in the U.S. And you can find it in almost every restaurant, from desserts to Asian, seafood, or more traditional dinner fare.
  • What about pork belly? (Pork belly is the fresh product that becomes bacon once it is cured?) This fresh product is beginning to make its way onto menus, too, though finding it on the menu just a couple years ago would have been rare indeed. Datassential MenuTrendsTM says it’s a favorite in Asian markets, but interest is growing quickly in other ethnic cuisines.


 About the Iowa Pork Producers Association: The mission of the Iowa Pork Producers Association is promoting, educating and providing a leading voice for a sustainable, socially responsible, and globally competitive pork industry.