Pork producers publicly commend Harkin

Pork producers publicly commend Harkin

Posted May 14, 2013

The following letter to the editor appeared in today’s edition of the Des Moines Register.


Thanks to Sen. Tom Harkin, Iowa’s and the nation’s food-animal farmers will be able to keep their animals healthy and produce safe food.

Under his leadership, the Senate last week reauthorized the Animal Drug User Fee Act (ADUFA), a measure that’s very important to veterinarians and the pet owners and farmers, like us, to whom they provide services. It also helps the animal health companies that produce the vaccines, antibiotics and other drugs used to keep animals free from diseases and, in some cases, to keep them alive.

ADUFA authorizes the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to collect from animal health companies fees for reviewing animal drug applications and allows the agency to supplement its rigorous and robust appraisal of animal drugs. With more timely reviews, farmers and their veterinarians are assured of receiving expedited access to new and innovative products, and the public can be assured that those products are safe for animals and won’t harm people.

Sen. Harkin made sure the legislation that reauthorized ADUFA wasn’t laden with superfluous – and costly – provisions that could have jeopardized its passage. His efforts have ensured that farmers like us can continue to keep animals healthy and produce safe food for consumers.


Randy Spronk                                                                             Greg Lear
President                                                                                     President
National Pork Producers Council                                          Iowa Pork Producers Association