#Porktober19 Tells the Pork Story to Iowans

#Porktober19 Tells the Pork Story to Iowans

(Clive, Iowa) October 1, 2019 – Iowa’s pig farmers do their work every day of the year, so it’s only fitting that one month be dedicated to the delicious and nutritious product they produce.

The Iowa Pork Producers Association has dubbed the tenth month of the year Porktober – An Iowa Pork Celebration. “We encourage you to follow great nutrition and cooking information about pork by following #Porktober19 on all your social media channels,” says IPPA President Trent Thiele.

“While we encourage consumers to include pork in their meals all year long, this time set aside for the traditional October Pork Month recognition is an opportunity to remind you about a great product and the men and women who produce it,” says the Elma pig farmer. “Nearly one of 12 Iowans has a job connected to the pork industry,” says Thiele.

Pork is the leading animal protein for consumers across the globe. “But our most important consumers will always be those here at home,” Theile said. “#Porktober19 let’s us reinforce our producer-to-consumer relationship so we can tell our story about producing safe, nutritious food right here in Iowa.”

To learn more about pork and Iowa’s pig farmers, go to www.IowaPork.org/porktober19. There, you’ll see recipe videos and a video featuring three Iowa pig farmers. You’ll also find preparation information for making pork in your kitchen, as well as information about the sustainability of pork production.