Swine Spectacular Challenges Students' Pig Knowledge, Skills

Swine Spectacular Challenges Students’ Pig Knowledge, Skills


Young people showed off their pork industry knowledge during the ninth annual Swine Spectacular, hosted by the Iowa Pork Producers Association (IPPA).

The educational event took place in conjunction with the Iowa State University Block & Bridle Club’s Spring Market Hog Show—at the Hansen Agriculture Student Learning Center in Ames last month.

“Swine Spectacular is all about friendly competition and camaraderie, while promoting interest and involvement in the pork industry,” said Hannah Spurr, IPPA’s consumer outreach director. “Each year we offer a fresh lineup of workshops and challenges, so even repeat participants continue to learn and grow!”

Senior division Sweepstakes winners include (front row, from left) Zoe Reffitt, Dunlap; Katelyn Foglesong, Thayer; John Logsdon, Unionville, Mo.; and (back row, from left) Tucker Rohrig, Orient; Brady Allan, Le Mars; Riggs Martin, Central City; Dalton Mowbray, Kellogg; and Cole Carlson, Denison.
Intermediate division Sweepstakes winners include (front row, from left) McKinley Kaysen, St. Charles; Jocelyn Richard, Estherville; Kambria Donscheski, Dunlap; Brock White, Storm Lake; and (back row, from left) Cheyenne Obrecht, Harlan; Landry Kaysen, St. Charles; Kyleigh Conklin, Tingley; Brenden Sieren, Schleswig; Kooper Bean, Marathon; and Will Voyles, Sac City.

Activities were tailored for three age groups: Junior (ages 8 to 10 years); Intermediate (ages 11 to 14); and Senior (ages 15 to 18).

Nearly 30 attendees from Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri competed in several areas, accumulating points toward their efforts to win their division’s Sweepstakes prizes. Points were earned for photo and essay entries; swine judging; a skills assessment; a written test; observing a carcass fabrication; and identifying retail pork cuts.

Junior division Sweepstakes winners include (from left) Danielle Drescher, Boone; Charlie Shawley, Afton; and McKinley White, Storm Lake.

At various skills stations, students were quizzed on topics involving pig anatomy; pig handling; breeds; genetics; nutrition and feeds; housing; bedding; swine farming equipment; and pig processing and daily care.

All youth in the junior division then participated in personal interviews, while the top five scorers in the intermediate and senior divisions gave extemporaneous speeches.

Sweepstakes Winners


  • First — Danielle Drescher, 8, of Boone, daughter of Ben and Adrienne Drescher.
  • Second — Charlie Shawley, 9, of Afton, son of Deron and Nicole Shawley.
  • Third — McKinley White, 10, of Storm Lake, daughter of Doug and Allison White.


  • First — McKinley Kaysen, 11, of St. Charles, daughter of Brett and Tara Kaysen.
  • Second — Cheyenne Obrecht, 13, of Harlan, daughter of Chuck and Renietta Obrecht.
  • Third — Jocelyn Richard, 11, of Estherville, daughter of Keith and Erica Richard.
  • Fourth — Kambria Donscheski, 12, of Dunlap, daughter of Jesse Donscheski and Ariel Peterson.
  • Fifth — Brock White, 11, of Storm Lake, son of Doug and Allison White.
  • Sixth — Landry Kaysen, 13, of St. Charles, daughter of Brett and Tara Kaysen.
  • Seventh — Kyleigh Conklin, 14, of Tingley, Clay and Amy Conklin.
  • Eighth — Kooper Bean, 13, of Marathon, son of CJ and Chris Bean.
  • Ninth — Brenden Sieren, 14, of Schleswig, son of Brian and Mindi Sieren.
  • 10th — Will Voyles, 12, of Sac City, son of Reggie and Sarah Voyles.


  • First — Tucker Rohrig, 16, of Orient, son of Matt and Heidi Rohrig.
  • Second — Brady Allan, 15, of Le Mars, son of Mark and Alise Allan.
  • Third — Katelyn Foglesong, 17, of Thayer, daughter of Tim and Jen Foglesong.
  • Fourth — Dalton Mowbray, 15, of Kellogg, son of David and Angie Mowbray.
  • Fifth — Zoe Reffitt, 18, of Dunlap, daughter of Jesse Donscheski and Ariel Peterson.
  • Sixth — Cole Carlson, 18, of Denison, son of Glenn and Sarah Carlson.
  • Seventh — Riggs Martin, 15, of Central City, son of Justin and Carrie Martin.
  • Eighth — John Logsdon, 16, of Unionville, Mo., son of Steven and Elizebeth Logsdon.

Each first-place Sweepstakes winner received a $50 Theisen’s gift card and custom belt buckle; the second- and third-place winners each received a special Swine Spectacular blanket.