Vote for your Iowa Pork representatives

Vote for your Iowa Pork representatives

The Iowa Pork Producers Association’s annual election of board of directors and nominating committee representatives for 2018 is now under way.

Members are being asked during November to vote for their district director and district nominating committee member. District directors serve two-year terms and district nominating committee members serve three-year terms. The committee’s purpose is to nominate candidates for the district and region representatives on the IPPA Board of Directors.

There are nine candidates for the district director positions and eight district nominating committee candidates. The list of candidates and their biographies can be found here.

Post card ballots and candidate biographies have been mailed to all IPPA members in each of the eight association districts. To participate, simply follow the voting instructions on the ballot. The post card is pre-addressed and the postage has been prepaid to assist you.

Families who have joint memberships will have two ballots.

For your vote to count, post card ballots must be received at the IPPA post office box by Friday, Dec. 1, 2017.