Although pork production isn’t for everybody, you may be surprised you have more in common with pig farmers here in Iowa than you think.

Both of us care about the environment.
We care about protecting our natural resources and leaving this land better than we found it.

Both of us want animals to be taken care of properly.
Taking care of pigs means being aware of their needs 24/7 to ensure comfort and health — not just because it’s our livelihood, but because it’s the right thing to do.

Both of us care about people.
Raising pigs creates new opportunities for rural Iowa families and businesses. And keeping our rural communities thriving and our state economy strong is important to Iowa’s culture. But, we don’t do things the way we used to because we’re always trying to do better, evaluating new advances in science and technology and using hard data to understand what works.

Being thoughtful about these changes makes a real difference in Iowa, and Iowa pig farmers, like Lisa and Kevin Rasmussen from northwest Iowa, are excited to share their story with you — about what they do, how they do it and, most importantly, why.

We care about Iowa, too.

Gretchen McClain of Stockport, Iowa, talks about how her pig-farming work ethic helped support her recovery process from a serious accident.

What is contract farming and how does it impact the next generation of Iowa farmers? As a fifth-generation farmer, Jake Schutte of Sibley, Iowa, talks about how it’s giving him the opportunity to live out his passion.

Janae Metzger of Alvord, Iowa, is excited to share how cool it is to work with family members every day as they raise pigs.

Did you know Iowa leads the country in pounds of pork produced and pork exports?

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Iowa People, Pigs and Pollinators — Iowa pig farmers have been collaborating with ISU to plant and survey monarch habitat plots on their land.

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Iowa Pig Farmers are guided by six We Care ethical principles.

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