EDUCATIONAL SERIES: Responding to and Managing
Livestock or Poultry Truck Rollovers

Five hourlong segments cover accident response and management in the event on an animal-involved truck rollover incident. This series is particularly directed at transportation professionals, Iowa DOT personnel, county emergency managers, law enforcement officials, other first responders, and animal producers and owners.

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Swine Production Overview – Learn the relevant terminology of pig production; phases of production and when, how and why pigs and hogs are moved; the ownership of pigs when in transport; and basic swine transport regulations in Iowa. Presenter: Jamee Eggers, formerly with the Iowa Pork Producers Association

Animal Handling Tips, Behavior, and Welfare in Rollover Event — The basic procedures to use as outlined in Transportation Quality Assurance (TQA) guidelines when animals are in open spaces and as they are corralled and loaded onto a new truck. Presenter: Jennifer Woods, J. Woods Livestock Consulting

Trailer Design: What You Need to Know — Understand the design of various trailers so you can pinpoint more efficient extrication of livestock and poultry from rollovers, how to transfer animals to other trailers, and getting intact trailers back on their wheels. Presenter: Jennifer Woods, J. Woods Livestock Consulting

Rollover Scene Management — Chain of command, communication, scene security, human safety, and public relations. Post-accident placement of animals and mortality management. Presenter: Jennifer Woods, J. Woods Livestock Consulting

Emergency Response Equipment and Euthanasia — What resources and processes should you expect at the scene of a rollover. Presenter: Jennifer Woods, J. Woods Livestock Consulting

About the presenters:

Jamee Eggers
Jennifer Woods

Jamee Eggers is the former producer education director at the Iowa Pork Producers Association.

Jennifer Woods, of J. Woods Consulting, has over 25 years global experience in the livestock industry and has worked as a consultant to the industry since 1998. Along with her extensive knowledge and experience in this industry, she offers audits, assessment tool development, and auditor training.