Youth for the Quality Care of Animals

Youth for the Quality Care of Animals

Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) program not only sets the standard for swine exhibitors, but for all livestock exhibitors. YQCA is a multi-species, science-based education program that offers access to every youth swine exhibitor ages eight to 21, nationally. The National Pork Board supports the YQCA program and has made efforts to make this the youth certification program of choice.

Expiring certifications: Youth with current Youth PQA certificates will be accepted at shows and with packers until June 2021, when all current certifications expire.

The goals of YQCA:

  1. Ensure safety and well-being of animals produces by youth for showing and for 4-H and FFA projects.
  2. Ensure safe food supply to consumers.
  3. Enhance the future of livestock industry by educating youth on these very important issues so they can become more informed producers, consumers and/or employees in the agriculture and food industry.
  4. Maximize the limited development time and budgets of state and national youth program leaders to provide an effective quality assurance program.
  5. Offer livestock shows a valid, national quality assurance certification for youth livestock exhibitors.

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