District 5

Bob Webb

Bob is a senior finishing supervisor with Iowa Select Farms. He oversees nearly 200 farms and manages a team of 10 finishing supervisors.

His first experience working with pigs was on his family's 800-sow farrow-to-finish operation east of Atlanta. After graduating from high school, he moved to southwest Iowa where he worked to reorganize a group of sow farms. From managing animal care and remodels/construction to human resources and working closely with investors, he got experience in many areas.

He then began traveling for another company to other states, working on similar projects that involved revamping areas of the business and starting up sow farms, boar studs, and nurseries.

In the early 1990s, Bob joined a live production company where he worked as vice president for 10 years. He joined Iowa Select as a grow-finish director in 2004.