Kevin Rasmussen

Past President

The Rasmussen family farm, Owl Lake Production Company near Goldfield, is operated by Kevin, his wife Lisa, and son, Joel. They finish 8,000 hogs per year and grow about 1,100 acres of corn and soybeans using conservation measures such as strip-till. Humboldt County doesn’t have an organized pork association, so the Rasmussens have taken it upon themselves to promote pork and the industry in the county and tell their story to civic groups and other organizations.

Kevin has been a member of the IPPA Board of Directors since 2018, when he was elected by pig farmers in his area to represent them as the District 2 Director. He became a member of the executive committee in 2019. He has served on several IPPA committees and has been chairman of two—the public relations and public policy committees. He is a Master Pork Producer, and the Iowa Farm Bureau once named Kevin and Lisa the state’s Outstanding Young Farm Couple.

In 2018, he was a national finalist for the National Pork Board's Pig Farmer of the Year. Kevin studied agriculture and farm operations at Iowa State University.