The Iowa Pork Producers Association recognizes that the future of Iowa’s pork industry depends on strong leadership from producers who are willing to step up and lead their organization. IPPA relies on committees to provide program direction to the board of directors and staff.

With 14 different working committees covering public policy and swine research to public relations and producer education, IPPA is serious about gathering producer input and developing strong leaders. The following is a listing of IPPA’s working committees:

IPPA Committees

Animal Well-being Public Policy
Bylaws and Resolutions Public Relations
Environmental Restaurant & Foodservice
Iowa Pork Tent Research
Membership/Leadership Swine Health
Producer Education Youth
Each committee meets at the state office in Des Moines or via conference call 3-4 times a year, with meals provided and mileage reimbursed if travel is needed.

If you’ve found a committee you would like to serve on, complete the form below by Feb. 21, 2020, and IPPA will be in touch. For more information on committee purpose, terms, selection process and timeline, please contact us at (800) 372-7675.

IPPA Committee Registration

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