IPPA 2022 Regional Conferences

Who should attend?

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Monday, Feb. 21

Orange City
Sioux Co. Extension Office
400 Central Ave. N.W., Suite 700

Tuesday, Feb. 22

Clarke Co. Fairgrounds Events Center
2070 W. McLane St. Hwy. 34

Wednesday, Feb. 23

Borlaug Learning Center
3327 290th St.

Thursday, Feb. 24

Washington Co. Extension Office
2223 250th St.

The site selection for these meetings allows for physical distancing as required by the State of Iowa. If weather or coronavirus conditions require the cancellation of the event; the Thursday conference sessions will be recorded and made available online as soon as possible.

The Day’s Schedule
Each regional conference will have a PQA Plus® training session from 9 a.m. until noon. The regional conference presentations will start at 1 p.m. at each location. Conference attendees are responsible for their own lunch. Lunch will not be served at the meeting sites.


Topics and Speakers

Swine Health Update

Dr. Chris Rademacher
Associate Director
Iowa Pork Industry Center

Dr. Rademacher will provide an update on current swine health issues, such as PRRS, E. coli, African swine fever, vaccines, and biosecurity.

Don’t Confuse Shortage with Increased Scarcity

Dr. Lee Schulz
Extension Livestock Economist
Iowa State University

Dr. Schulz will review research of slaughter volumes at pork packing plants in 2020, and how there were regional differences as slaughter counts went down initially. Resiliency in the pork supply chain was noted in some regions, but others saw the COVID-19 impact continue through the year. This may lead to a supply imbalance as  we look at what consumers want and their willingness to pay, but that doesn’t mean there is a shortage of pork.

The Greatest Marketing Opportunity in the History of Agriculture is at Your Doorstep

Joe Kerns
Chief Executive Officer/Founder
Partners for Production Agriculture

Grain and livestock markets, layered with weather and trade situations, may offer opportunities to save on your feed budget and take advantage of greater pork demand.

Finding the Right Resources

ISU Extension Area Swine Specialist

Work on the Pig Survivability project has led to some economic decision tools that have been added to the toolbox that Extension specialists can provide. Iowa State University Extension has five area swine specialists ready to help you solve production problems and provide practical solutions. Their mission is to promote and enable efficient pork production by sharing information with producers.

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